Captivating Aerial View: Private School Campus

Aerial photography offers exclusive perspectives unattainable through other means. It magnifies subjects, revealing their full splendour with each soaring altitude. For years, we’ve honed our skills in aerial footage. Recognising the importance of expertise behind the lens, we provide unrivalled drone photography and aerial video services. Our team comprises dedicated professionals deeply passionate about their craft. We maintain high standards, ensuring our clients receive nothing short of excellence. When it’s time to showcase your project’s final outcome, expect top-tier photos or video footage highlighting your business’s unique essence.


Witness Vaughan Constructions’ Clendon Centre at Mandeville Hall—an exemplary fusion of aerial photography and architectural prowess. Nestled within the landscape, the new building harmonises with the existing heritage hall. Working closely with Vaughan, our team captured images from diverse perspectives. From breathtaking aerial views to ground-level shots, we meticulously showcased the Clendon Centre’s intricate details. Vaughan Constructions lauded our work, integrating these photos into their project’s marketing materials, a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results.


The ability to obtain high-quality images from a bird’s-eye view provides a significant advantage for architects, engineers, and contractors. Drones offer unparalleled views of the construction process, whether observing the entire project or focusing on specific sections. Moreover, aerial photography facilitates the capture of footage depicting the progression of your structure as it evolves. This invaluable visual documentation enables you to assess the project’s status well before completion.


As aerial photography gains popularity and sees increased commercial use, drone imagery has become more accessible than ever. For those seeking to distinguish their next construction endeavour, leveraging this tool could prove instrumental in achieving standout results.

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