Industrial Warehouse Progress: Construction Videographer

Capture Point Media are construction videographer experts in the industry. We excel at capturing the most captivating angles to create a visual portfolio that effortlessly promotes your endeavours. Such is the case for Vaughan Constructions’ Matraville warehouse in New South Wales. Come take a video tour with us on the progress at one of Australia’s first large-scale multi-level warehouse facilities in Sydney’s east!


Take a Peek Behind-the-Scenes of the Matraville Warehouse Construction Progress

Vaughan Constructions has joined forces with developer Hale and owner LaSalle Investment Management to bring the Matraville facility to life. As the project unfolds, significant milestones have marked the construction journey. Structurally, the project has witnessed the installation of essential steel components shaping the western ramp, as well as the northern and southern warehouses. These towering steel structures form the core foundation of the facility, reinforcing its multi-level design and setting the stage for an exceptional industrial space.


Preparations for roof installation are well underway, with roof wiring in the southern warehouse nearing completion. This crucial step signifies the shift from an exposed framework to a fully enclosed, weather-resistant structure. Both warehouses now boast precast concrete columns, with the southern warehouse featuring bondeck installation up to the level one suspended slab. Stud welds are in place, and reinforcements are ready for pouring.

Construction Videographer. image showcasing concrete construction progress

The facility is designed with versatility in mind, accommodating four tenancies, each offering a personalised tenant-to-tenant approach. This flexibility allows businesses to select warehouse areas starting from 5,000m², tailored to their specific needs. As  a seasoned construction videographer, Capture Point Media has been diligently capturing the innovations and breakthroughs like these within the construction industry. This work-in-progress video featuring the Vaughan team at the Matraville facility. It is a testament to our dedication to showcasing the evolution of the construction landscape.


If you have an upcoming construction project and desire to document its progress with the expertise of experienced construction videographers. Look no further than Capture Point Media. We’re here to breathe life into your project through the lens, highlighting every milestone and achievement along the way.


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