Drone Architecture: Capturing Modern City Apartment Towers

Drone architecture videos are fantastic for showcasing architectural wonders from unprecedented and awe-inspiring angles. Such is the case with Kapitol Group’s successful completion of the Tan Tat Apartments—a remarkable 13-level build-to-rent development nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant CBD. This project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Kapitol Group, the visionary Tung family, HGW Projects, and SJB Architecture.


The sheer magnificence of the Tan Tat Apartments can be appreciated via our meticulously crafted drone architecture video. This architectural gem comprises 55 exquisite apartments, including two breathtaking penthouses, and a communal rooftop terrace offering panoramic views of Melbourne’s iconic skyline. Capture Point Media’s architecture drone specialists were tasked to capture this extraordinary project from unique vantage points, highlighting the sleek lines of this remarkable build-to-rent development. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kapitol Group and all stakeholders involved in the Tan Tat Apartments project for entrusting us with the privilege of bringing this exceptional building to life through our lens.


drone architecture video of Tungs apartments by Capture Point Media

Elevating Your Next Project With Our Drone Architecture Experts

Capture Point Media has firmly established itself as a trusted and distinguished name in the construction industry. We excel at creating captivating images and videos that breathe life into architectural visions. Recognising the vital role of visuals in today’s fast-paced world, we deliver an unwavering commitment to detail to every project. Our team has honed its craft to capture intricate features, scale, and design in construction marvels. Our innovative approaches to drone architecture videos have set a new standard in the industry. They add depth and perspective to every project we undertake, making it an invaluable asset for architects, developers, and construction firms alike.


Drone architecture videos have many benefits that will give your construction project an added edge. To begin with, drones navigate structures gracefully, revealing design details dynamically. This fluid movement adds excitement and depth to visual storytelling, breathing life into architectural visions. Secondly, it is a cost-effective solution for capturing stunning visuals without the need for prohibitively expensive equipment or elaborate setups. This accessibility makes drone technology a viable option for a wide range of projects.


Additionally, drone architecture videos capture the surrounding environment, offering vital context. In urban developments like the Tungs Apartments, where the building’s interaction with its surroundings is crucial to the design, this perspective enhances depth and comprehension. Furthermore, when presented in a user-friendly format, can integrate smoothly on various platforms. They work well on websites, social media, or in your upcoming stakeholder presentations. These videos serve as potent promotional tools, effectively drawing in potential clients and investors.


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At Capture Point Media, we take immense pride in our ability to elevate architectural visions to new heights. Our captivating drone architecture videos and time-lapse works are all evident of this. We sincerely hope that you derive as much enjoyment from watching the drone video as we derived from creating it. If you are seeking to unlock the full potential of your architectural project, reach out to Capture Point Media today. Together, we can share your vision with the world.


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