Fish Farms from Above: Aerial View of Aquaculture

Ever wondered what fish farms look like from above? In the quiet small town of Arcadia, a 20-minute drive south of Shepparton, lies a newly built fish hatchery. Capture Point Media was commissioned by the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) to produce a drone video to tell that story.


The VFA is successfully implementing the Go Fishing Victoria plan, which received a substantial investment of $35 million from the State Government. This ambitious plan aims to encourage more people to engage in fishing activities on a regular basis. As part of this initiative, the VFA is constructing a state-of-the-art native fish hatchery that will play a crucial role in expanding Victoria’s efforts in breeding and stocking warm water native fish species. The hatchery will specifically focus on fostering the growth of Murray cod, golden perch, silver perch, and freshwater catfish populations. By doing so, it aims to restore and enhance the population of native fish. creating exciting new opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. Additionally, the hatchery will help reduce the reliance on fish hatcheries from other states, ensuring a self-sufficient and sustainable approach to fish stocking in Victoria.


Capturing Breathtaking Aerial Perspectives

Our videography drones captured various angles and perspectives during the construction of the fish pools in Arcadia. Aerial views provided by drones offered unique insights impossible to obtain otherwise. Architects, engineers, and contractors benefited from high-quality images and videos showcasing the project’s scale and details. Combined with our construction time-lapse cameras, the result is a compelling video that visually narrates the VFA’s progress.


Drone photography enables the creation of aerial footage that provides a comprehensive visual record of the construction progress. By capturing regular updates, stakeholders can review and analyse the growth and development of the project over time. This information is invaluable for project management, reporting, and communicating the status of the construction to clients, investors, and other stakeholders.



The ability to get high-quality images from a bird’s-eye view is a huge advantage for architects, engineers, and contractors alike. Our drone photography services can help you get the best possible views of the construction process— whether you are looking at the whole thing or just one small portion of it. In our drone video, these fish farms from above look spectacular and promising, even in mid-build.


The native fish hatchery in Arcadia has accomplished major milestones in mid-2022. These milestones include the completion of earthworks, the construction of 32 ponds, an underground harvest station, and a water-use system. Furthermore, a deep groundwater bore has been drilled to a depth of 74 meters, accompanied by a licensed entitlement to extract 200 mega litres on a yearly basis. Residential buildings have been refurbished, and paddle wheel aerators have been installed in all 20 plankton ponds. Gravel access tracks provide year-round accessibility, while a renovated dairy building now houses a twin cool room, freezer room, and 16 fish tanks for quarantine and fingerling intake. The installation of a large diesel backup generator and power upgrades ensures a reliable energy supply. It will certainly be exciting to see the future development of this initiative.


Drone Videography For Your Next Construction Build

The utilisation of drone photography in construction projects has proven to be a game-changer. It offers unique perspectives and comprehensive documentation of the building process. The VFA’s fish farms near Shepparton stands as a remarkable example of how useful drones can be. They capture stunning aerial views, enabling architects, engineers, and contractors to visualise and monitor progress like never before. As the popularity of drones continues to soar, their accessibility and affordability open up endless possibilities for enhancing construction projects. As the hatchery progresses, the successful integration of technology, Indigenous employment initiatives, and state-of-the-art facilities will continue to set new standards in the aquaculture sector. This drone footage tells the story of its conception and attracts potential investors for future projects.


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fish farms from above