Commercial building photography. A modern apartment complex with striking architectural features in Melbourne.

Building Photography: Capturing Modern Architecture

Looking to capture stunning imagery of a modern apartment tower in Melbourne, Australia? Our commercial building photography service specialises in precisely that. With our expertise, we ensure every aspect of the building, from its sleek architecture to its captivating design features, is showcased flawlessly. Our

Melbourne Architecture Photographer Capturing City Skyline

Melbourne Architecture Photographer: Clendon Centre

Introducing our latest project for Vaughan Constructions, beautifully captured by our Melbourne architecture photographer. The Loreto Clendon Centre at Toorak, a stunning new build, shines a spotlight on Loreto Mandeville Hall. Designed by Architectus, this space boasts light-filled breakout areas, fostering tranquility essential for student

Melbourne Architecture Photography: Stunning Retail

Discover Melbourne’s Tommy Hilfiger Emporium

In the realm of Melbourne architecture photography, we thrive amidst the city's vibrant ambiance. Melbourne's rich architectural tapestry offers endless opportunities for captivating imagery. From the iconic Flinders Street Station to the modern marvels of Federation Square, Melbourne boasts an array of architectural wonders, each

A modern office space with clean lines and abundant natural light, captured by Melbourne architectural photographers.

Elegant Structure: Melbourne Architectural Photographers

Our team of melbourne architectural photographers is ready to help you make your next project a success.  We know that every building is unique, so we work with you to create a customised plan that will work for you. Melbourne is known for its beautiful

A modern industrial office space in Melbourne, showcasing exposed brick walls, steel beams, and contemporary furnishings, captured by architectural photographers.

Industrial Elegance: Melbourne Architectural Photography

Recently, our Melbourne architectural photography team worked closely with Vaughan Constructions documenting Darkon Lighting's new headquarters. The project is the result of a collaboration between Darkon Lighting and Vaughan Constructions, and it has turned out to be a great addition to the area. The project

A modern corporate office space with glass partitions, ergonomic furniture, and greenery, captured through architectural images.

Corporate Elegance: Modern Office Space

At Capture Point Media, we believe that a strong architectural images is the only way to showcase your latest work. Our images should always communicate your designs details.   Architects Linear Design and Tandem Building Group have meticulously paid attention to incorporating symbolic design principles. This ensures

Aerial drone captures stunning vistas of a residential area from above.

Captivating Aerial Views: Residential Drone Video

Transform the way you showcase residential properties with our exceptional aerial drone video services. Our skilled pilots utilSe state-of-the-art drones to capture stunning footage, providing invaluable insights for buyers and sellers alike. Elevate your real estate marketing with dynamic aerial views that highlight the unique

Tower cranes soar against the sky, captured in stunning detail by a drone video.

Tower Cranes in Action: Captured by Drone Video

Revolutionise your construction projects with stunning drone video of tower crane operations. Our expert pilots capture dynamic footage, providing invaluable insights for your team. Elevate project management with aerial views that enhance decision-making processes.   Efficiently monitor tower crane activities with regular drone surveys. Our advanced technology

Aerial drone captures the progress of an industrial warehouse construction site.

Industrial Warehouse Construction : Drone Video Showcase

Revolutionise industrial warehouse construction monitoring with our cutting-edge drone construction videos services. Our skilled pilots utilise state-of-the-art drones to capture high-quality footage, providing invaluable insights for your project. Elevate your construction management with dynamic aerial views that enhance decision-making processes.   Efficiently monitor industrial warehouse construction progress

A drone captures the precision of concrete pours at a construction site.

Concrete Pouring in Action: A Drone Pilot’s Perspective

Transform your construction concrete pours with our expert drone services. Our skilled drone pilots capture high-quality footage, providing invaluable insights for your project. Elevate your construction management with dynamic aerial views that enhance decision-making processes.   Efficiently monitor concrete pours with regular drone surveys. Our advanced technology