A stunning interior view of a modern office captured by one of the best architectural photographers.

Captivating Interior: Showcasing Modern Office Design

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Medibank is a healthcare company that provides health insurance to individuals and families in Australia. The company has its headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. It incorporates a number of design features that make it unique among other commercial buildings in the city. It is located on Spencer Street. Medibank has completely revolutionised the standard for corporate work environments in Australia. This incredible building designed by Hassell architects has health and wellbeing at it’s core. Promoting health and wellbeing in everything they do, Medibank truly reflects the company’s values in this outstanding building.


The building is designed to promote a healthy work-life balance, with an open plan layout and a spacious rooftop garden which promotes employee engagement and collaboration. The company also provides a range of services including gym facilities, on-site childcare and even provides employees with free bike parking. The design was inspired by nature; the roof garden is planted with native plants that are representative of each state, creating an environment that encourages employees to escape from their desks for some fresh air and exercise.




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