Building for the Future: Construction Site Car Park Progress

Did you know that construction site time lapse video can be used to document the progression of a construction site? If you’re in the business of building new structures, it’s important to capture your progress from start to finish. It’s also helpful for keeping track of what went wrong and what went right. The end result is a final product that you can show off to potential clients or investors.


We’ve made it easy for you. With our construction site time lapse camera set up on site, we will take photos every day and compile them into a single video that shows exactly how your project unfolded over time. If you’re looking to capture the true beauty of your construction project, you need the right camera. Our camera is the best time lapse camera for construction, because it’s portable and easy to use, with features that make it easy to create stunning time-lapses of your project’s progress.


We love seeing things from a fresh perspective. That’s why we’re so excited to have worked with our client on the re-development of District Docklands’ east carpark. Once initial works were well underway, we relocated our time-lapse units to capture the demolition from an inside perspective. Developers transformed the site into the new Fresh Food Market precinct, which now houses a Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, and a new market space for the public to enjoy.


We offer an overview of the entire process from start to finish. Additionally, we provide up-to-date construction site time-lapse videos for each phase of development. Our team ensures you receive the best product, providing 24/7 monitoring by skilled professionals always available with answers when needed. We supply professional time-lapse photography, construction time-lapse, and site photography for the construction, retail, and civil projects industries in Melbourne and Sydney. For a detailed estimate get in contact with our time-lapse team today.

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