Building Videos: Capturing Architectural Evolution

Drone services equipped with time lapse camera construction capabilities redefine project documentation and storytelling by capturing each construction phase from a unique perspective. These aerial tools offer detailed insights into architectural evolution, providing unmatched advantages in visual documentation. From project inception to completion, building videos

Inside Tomorrow’s Skyline: A Construction Documentary

Capturing construction videography with drone services is revolutionising the industry. Utilising a time lapse camera construction technique provides a comprehensive overview of your project. Drones offer unparalleled aerial views, documenting progress from unique angles. This method enhances project management, showcasing every phase in high detail.   Step

Expert Time-Lapse Photographers in Sydney

Welcome to our team of expert time-lapse photographers based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! We are passionate about collaborating with our clients to craft stunning, one-of-a-kind images that reflect the unique journeys they have embarked upon. Thus, our goal is to assist you in capturing

Capturing Progress: Discover the Best Time-Lapse Camera

Presenting the paramount choice for time-lapse construction services in Sydney: the best camera. We prioritise delivering top-of-the-line time-lapse cameras and unparalleled customer service, ensuring excellence in production, quality, and affordability. Our team of experts stands ready to guide you in selecting the optimal camera for

Unleash the Power of Time-Lapse: Enjoy 3 Months Free!

Embrace the future of project monitoring with the best time-lapse video system and say goodbye to traditional methods that provide limited insights and require constant manual updates! At Capture Point Media, we understand the importance of capturing every moment of your project's journey. That's why we're

Journey Time-Lapse: City Apartment Tower Evolution

Our time-lapse system showcases Meriton's construction journey as they unveil their latest masterpiece. A luxurious apartment-style hotel capturing the essence of luxury and innovation. Boasting 57 levels and 298 premium hotel rooms, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to excellence and sophistication. Every beam