Time-Lapse Transformation: Mall Upgrade Construction Progress

Witness the unfolding transformation of a cityscape! Look no further than our mesmerising time-lapse transformation video capturing the redevelopment of Grenville Street in the heart of Ballarat’s Bridge Mall redevelopment project.


As one of City of Ballarat’s most ambitious urban renewal projects, the transformation of Grenville Street in the Bridge Mall redevelopment breathes new vitality into the city’s core. Now, with our time-lapse footage, you can witness the evolution of Grenville Street in mere moments. From the demolition of antiquated structures to the erection of modern edifices, each frame of the time-lapse video encapsulates the essence of progress and rejuvenation. Observe as cranes elegantly traverse the skyline, streetscapes evolve, and pedestrians navigate the bustling urban space.


Join us as we celebrate the progress of Grenville Street and the Bridge Mall redevelopment—one frame at a time. The Bridge Mall redevelopment endeavours to forge a vibrant hub for both locals and visitors, boasting an range of retail spaces, culinary establishments, and cultural venues. Grenville Street stands as the focal point of this transformation, showcasing the harmonious blend of contemporary architecture with the city’s rich heritage. Get ready for a historic retail precinct coming your way in mid-2024!


However, this time-lapse isn’t merely about construction; it embodies the spirit of community and advancement. It serves as a testament to Ballarat’s resilience and commitment to shaping its future while honouring its past. Through the lens of our camera, you have partook in this journey. Whether you are a resident intrigued by the changes unfolding in your city or a visitor eager to explore Ballarat’s evolving tapestry, our time-lapse video provides a unique vantage point.


time-lapse transformation