An image showcasing a modern apartment captured through housing photography.

Modern Apartment Living: Housing Photography at Its Finest

Capture Point Media’s housing photography skills brought us to document the new Specialist Disability Accommodation housing project in Dandenong, Victoria.

In the construction and development industry, certain projects rise above the rest. They wield a significant influence and carry a profound impact to the needs of the local community. The 28 Pickett Street venture stands as a prime example, with its new 15 apartment block Specialist Disability Accommodation housing. Housing photography shot in these premises highlight the functionality and charm of the space. It paints a vivid and enticing picture of a space for potential buyers. Additionally, it also helps to raise awareness for the independent needs of disabled people in their own homes. This project, completed in August 2023, represents a collaborative effort between Kapitol Group, Neoscape, and their esteemed client, Smorgon Gutman Group (SGG).


Transforming Lives Through SDA Housing

At its core, the 28 Pickett Street project was envisioned to address a critical need in our community. Currently, there is a lack of specialised housing for individuals with unique accessibility requirements. SGG, a company deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and independence, recognised this need and set out to create these tailored homes.

The project was guided under the expertise of Morris Goding Access. This ensured that every aspect of the development aligned with the most stringent accessibility standards. Each apartment meets all SDA, DDA and Accessibility requirements. Comprising two 3-storey buildings (Building A and Building B) with shared facilities, this development accommodates a total of 15 apartments (6 in Building A and 9 in Building B) and a residential rooftop.

The result is a living environment that offers independence and dignity to individuals with extreme functional impairment or high support needs.

As seen in the following housing photography snapshots, it is more than just about disability compliance. It is about enhancing the quality of life for the residents. This residential project is an outstanding contribution to the built form and quality of SDA accommodation in Melbourne.


housing photography

housing photography

housing photography

Housing Photography Experts For Your Next Property

Capture Point Media has over 20 years of experience in housing photography. Our journey with the 28 Pickett Street project reflects our dedication to capturing the essence of these residential spaces. These visuals promote relatability and elevates the standards of real estate photography. Professional housing photography can effectively highlight a property’s key features, such as architectural details, interior design, or unique selling points. This helps properties stand out with accurate and appealing photographs. Further, it helps set realistic expectations for potential buyers or renters. It also ensures that property visitors possess genuine interest.


We specialise in the construction and property industries and know how to record the best angles. Our housing photography company also offers time-lapse videography services that will add tremendous value to any new build. Whether your project spans a few months or years, we can can help you shine a light on your development. Get in touch today to see how we can help!


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