Interior architecture images of an art college showcasing soaring ceilings, vibrant colors, and expansive studio areas, capturing the creativity and inspiration of the space.

Artistry Unveiled: Interior Architecture Images of an Art College

Melbourne University’s Victorian College of the Arts recently embarked on a journey of upgrades, dedicated to improving the learning environments for its students and staff. As part of this endeavour, Capture Point Media had the privilege of capturing a stunning collection of interior architecture images, highlighting the college’s most recent upgrade in 2019: the VCA’s printing workshop. HATZ Architects and Tandem Building Group brought this transformative project to life through their meticulous craftsmanship. Their involvement spanned a series of bespoke workshop upgrades at the University of Melbourne.


Inside the Upgrade: Interior Architecture Images That Speak Volumes

To prevent disruption to teaching at the University, the construction works were staged strategically. The project prioritizes considerations such as workflow ergonomics, thermal comfort, aesthetics, and acoustic performance. Despite the workshop’s division into specific areas, designers have preserved a sense of flow in the space by incorporating transparent colored dividers, adding a modern touch. Consequently, as shown in these interior architecture images, the building is a great example an existing structure transformed into a functional and yet aesthetically beautiful space.


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