Image showing the architecture of a data centre in Melbourne.

Architectural Marvel: Melbourne’s Data Centre

Melbourne’s architecture designs is world renowned. Taking photographs of architecture is more than just taking a photo. It requires an in-depth understanding of the unique features of the building, the impact of lighting, and the right angles to showcase its best features. It’s about understanding what types of subjects work well in architectural photographs based on their characteristics and which ones don’t. And it’s also about knowing when something isn’t working so that you can adjust and try again!


That’s where we come in! Capture Point Media specialises in Melbourne architecture photography. Our experienced photographers know how to capture the best of Melbourne’s architecture. Whether it’s the soaring heights of a skyscraper, the intricate details of a heritage building, or the modern design of a new development, we have it covered. Architecture photography is about more than just pressing a button. It’s about capturing the essence of what makes a building beautiful. And we know how to do just that.

Architecture Photography of Next DC’s Stunning New Melbourne Data Centre

At Capture Point Media, we are proud to showcase our Melbourne architecture images of the M3 site in West Footscray. The full M3 site spans a 100,000sqm and will be developed into a 150MW technology campus. West Footscray is approximately 10km west of Melbourne’s CBD, with the M3 site prominently located close to a major electricity substation as well as telecommunications, utilities, and public infrastructure. The M3 site will be a critical hub for enterprise and government organisations, enabling them to scale their critical infrastructure platforms and form a new Availability Zone within the Melbourne market. This highly interconnected technology hub forms the gateway for enterprise and government organisations to directly connect and integrate their corporate IT with the aaS providers and public and private cloud platforms that underpin their digital strategy.


Our Melbourne architecture photography team showcased the M3 site’s unique design features, its vastness, and its intricate details. We use the latest technology and techniques to capture stunning images that showcase the site’s beauty, complexity and importance.


If you’re looking for an incredible Melbourne architecture photographer, you’ve come to the right place. Our team specialises in architecture and interior design photography, and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results. We work with you to understand your requirements and vision, ensuring that your space looks stunning in every image we capture.

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