Versatile Lifting Solutions: Mobile Crane Installtion

Mobile crane hire is a very important part of any construction site. It is responsible for lifting materials and equipment as well as providing platforms for workers to access different parts of the building. However, not all cranes are created equal. Some cranes are designed to lift heavy loads while others are meant for smaller loads. There are even different types of cranes that provide different functions. In construction projects, it’s vital to get the right equipment on site as soon as possible. At the Building Maintenance Unit replacement project in East Melbourne, mobile crane hire was necessary.


The 1 Nicholson Street building was once the tallest skyscraper in Australia in 1958. The Orica House (formerly known as ICI House) is a historic building that underwent a BMU replacement in 2022. Mobile crane hire was used over the duration of this project. It involved six crane lifting weekends, with each crane performing 15-20 lifts per day. By the end of the project they successfully lifted up to 200 tonnes. Our drone and time-lapse photography crew at Capture Point Media was on site to capture these spectacular moments.

Watch the time-lapse action unfold : BMU replacement


mobile crane hire

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