A photograph capturing an office and warehouse in Melbourne, showcasing real estate.

Real Estate Photography in Melbourne: Office and Warehouse Spaces

real estate photography in melbourne - Toyota's Material Handling Centre Australia

Vaughan Constructions and Toyota is set to launch the newest TMHA facility in Victoria soon. Capture Point Media’s top-notch real estate and architectural photography services in Melbourne captured the magnificence of Toyota’s groundbreaking facility. Our exceptional visuals showcase the sheer grandeur of the remarkable Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) branch’s 17,000m² space. Come on a captivating visual journey as our lens reveals the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative features of this state-of-the-art facility, all crafted by Vaughan Constructions to enhance Toyota’s material handling operations.


A remarkable Victorian facility that will enhance efficiency for Toyota.

This new materials handling facility in Dandenong will serve as a regional hub for major corporate accounts operations. Its purpose will include the assembly, sales, rental, and servicing of a variety of construction vehicles. It will house inventories of new material handling and Huski construction equipment, while also providing comprehensive support coverage for parts, workshop, field service, and training facilities. The facility also features a demonstration area to showcase excavators, as well as specialised sealed and pressurised paint and preparation booths. The expansive two-level office space is comprised of open plan areas, meeting rooms, a board room, and a stunning reception area with an impressive staircase.


In real estate photography, finding the right balance between showcasing functionality and capturing the essence of new possibilities is crucial. Our skilled photographers present a panoramic view of this sprawling real estate, selectively highlighting its various sections.


real estate photography in melbourne - Toyota's Material Handling Centre Australia

real estate photography in melbourne - Toyota's Material Handling Centre Australia

Architectural photography can benefit multiple clients.

Our real estate photography immerses viewers and allows them to fully appreciate the scale and functionality of the facility. Capture Point Media brought the TMHA architectural photography project to life and illustrated Vaughan’s expertise and professionalism in their newest build. We captured the facility’s impressive scale and sophisticated design, and turn these high-quality visuals into powerful marketing tools. Toyota has now proudly showcased the unveiling of their newest facility in Victoria to the public with our specialised real estate drone videography.


Our real estate photography visuals portray the grandeur of the space in its entirety. It can also enhance the promotional potential within the construction and civil works industries. When it comes to exceptional real estate photography in Melbourne, you can rely on Capture Point Media. We possess the expertise and vision to present your project’s unique story with unparalleled quality. Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements and let us bring your vision to life.


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