Architectural image showcasing a premium shopping space designed with exquisite retail architecture, featuring sleek lines, upscale materials, and innovative layouts.

Luxurious Ambiance: Retail Architecture Design

In the world of retail architecture design, innovation and aesthetics play a pivotal role in captivating customers. Creative architecture makes for memorable shopping experiences. Recently, we had the privilege of photographing Eastland’s new retail extension. This project that truly exemplifies the evolution of retail architecture design. Clean lines and a beautiful crisp ambient environment showcased the stunning design and architecture that will surely make this an award winning award winning project.


Eastland’s retail complex underwent a remarkable transformation in 2017. It introduced a cinema, restaurants, apartments, and office spaces. The mastermind behind this transformation involved a collaboration of architects from ACME, Universal Design Studio, and Softroom. Their collective vision encompassed the renovation of an existing mall, the construction of a new town square, a sculptural entrance to the mall, and establishing a library and a vibrant civic centre. Additionally, a prestigious David Jones department store and several multi-story car parks were seamlessly integrated into the design and construction.


ACME was responsible for designing the new hotel, as well as creating the town square. Universal Design Studio was responsible for the retail architecture design the interior of the refurbished central mall. Softroom designed a largely glazed roof-light that links the existing part of Eastland with the new town square. The Capture Point Media team were delighted to be part of this amazing project, providing photography which showcased the many different aspects of the project. The design team at Eastland have created a space that is modern, fresh, and exciting and we were lucky enough to get an exclusive look at the new space.



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