Shepparton Council Construction: Building for the Community

The Greater Shepparton City Council is currently undergoing a major redevelopment project to transform the Maude Street Mall into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly hub that connects people and businesses in the city centre. To showcase the progress of the upgrade works, the Greater Shepparton City Council commissioned Capture Point Media to install time-lapse camera units and produce these time-lapse videos. It has been an exciting project for us, working closely with the Shepparton council to document these infrastructure works. Videos like these will show the people living in Shepparton the works the council has done, and get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action of their now new surroundings.


Maude St Mall Upgrade Project Overview

The Maude St Mall upgrade project aims to create a welcoming and vibrant public space that provides a range of opportunities for people to meet, relax, and enjoy the city. The project includes several improvements, including:

Tree Planting Program

One of the main aspects of the project involves planting more trees in the mall to create new shade and soften the street edge. The new street tree planting program aims to enhance the street character of the Maude Street Mall by planting more trees in existing medians along with new trees. Further, these will be accompanied by improvements such as lighting, seating areas, and planter boxes along the length of Maude Street Mall.

More Seating Areas

The upgrade works also involve the installation of more seating areas throughout the mall. These seating areas will provide people with a comfortable place to sit, relax, and enjoy the surrounding greenery.

New Paving

Another aspect of the project involves the installation of new paving. The new paving will be designed to provide a safe and accessible surface for pedestrians, cyclists, and other users of the mall.



Capture Point Media provided the Shepparton council with complete end-to-end solutions in time-lapse video production from initial engagement to final delivery. Our high-definition time-lapse cameras capture each section of works as the council works to upgrade the roads and pedestrian walkways. Our video production team then skilfully edited the videos to suit the council’s project brief. Having much experience catering to clients in the construction, building and civil works industries; Capture Point Media was able to provide the Shepparton council with a peace of mind and great progress updates and each stage of their progress.



Benefits of Time-Lapse Videos for Long-Term Projects

Time-lapse videos are an extremely powerful tool to document long-term projects for your clients, investors, designers, or stakeholders. Here are some of the benefits of using time-lapse videos:

Provides an Overview of the Project

Time-lapse videos provide a quick and easy way to show the progress of a project from start to finish. This allows stakeholders to get a clear overview of the project and understand how it has progressed over time.

Highlights Key Milestones

Our time-lapse videos can highlight key milestones in a project. For example, the installation of major components or the completion of a specific phase of the project. Stakeholders can then visually understand progress done and the milestones that have been achieved, from viewing the video.

Shows the Scale of the Project

Time-lapse videos’ unique perspective on a project shows the scale and scope of the works over a long period of time. This can be particularly useful for large-scale projects that involve multiple stages of construction.

Enhances Marketing and Promotion Efforts

Using time-lapse videos can enhance marketing and promotion efforts for a project. You can share them on social media, embed them on websites, and include them in marketing materials. Showcasing the progress of your project can generate interest among potential investors, clients, or buyers.


Time-lapse videos are suitable not just for private commercial builds, but also local government councils like this. Your stakeholders and locals living in the area get to appreciate the hard work behind-the-scenes in upgrading their town. If you’re interested in our time-lapse video production services, we would love to hear from you! Contact our friendly team at Capture Point Media now to enquire your project requirements.

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