Worksite Camera Captures Building Under Construction

We used our worksite camera to capture the dynamic construction progress of Kane Constructions’ IGLU Student Accommodation project. Our advanced time-lapse system monitoring services provide the perfect solution. With our worksite camera technology, you can gain a comprehensive view of every stage of this exciting development. Additionally, our time-lapse system seamlessly integrates into your project. We offer high-definition footage that showcases the transformation of the IGLU Student Accommodation site. Therefore, from groundbreaking to completion, our cameras capture it all, providing valuable insights and documentation for stakeholders and marketing purposes.


What sets our service apart is the precision and reliability of our worksite cameras, strategically placed to capture optimal angles and perspectives, ensuring no aspect of the construction process goes undocumented. This comprehensive coverage allows you to track progress, analyse workflows, and highlight milestones easily. Furthermore, the IGLU Student Accommodation project by Kane Constructions demands meticulous attention to detail, and our time-lapse system is up to the task. By utilising our services, you effectively showcase the dedication and expertise behind this development.



Investing in our time-lapse system means more than just capturing footage—it’s about telling a compelling story. Whether for project management, marketing campaigns, or historical documentation, our worksite cameras deliver the visual narrative you need. Partner with us to unlock the power of time-lapse technology and elevate your project documentation. Let our worksite camera be your eyes on the ground, providing unparalleled visibility and understanding of Kane Constructions’ IGLU Student Accommodation construction journey.

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