Construction Drone: Capturing Warehouse Construction in Motion

Capture Point Media unveiled some exciting progress through the lens of our construction drone recently. This construction drone clip gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Vaughan Constructions’ collaboration with Time & Place and Brookfield Properties in Villawood, Western Sydney. This project, known as Connect – Central Sydney Logistic Estate, will encompass over 65,000m² of warehousing and 4,200m² of premium office space. Beyond the buildings, Connect will feature an expansive 30,900m² of hardstand, 8,900m² of carefully constructed asphalt car parking, and a 4,250m² fire trail area. Sustainability takes center stage in this project, with each building sporting a 50kW-100kW solar system and a rainwater tank reuse system. Accordingly, the construction teams have been working tirelessly to deliver this impressive 69,200m² project, and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out!


On a bright and sunny day, Capture Point Media was on-site to film the construction drone video. As construction work continued in the background, we seized the opportunity to capture some impressive action shots. Construction drones can gracefully navigate around and through structures, capturing design details dynamically. This perspective thus adds excitement and depth to visual storytelling, bringing construction visions to life. Furthermore, another significant advantage of construction drone videos is their ability to showcase the scale and context of a project. In projects like the Central Sydney Logistic Estate, where vast warehousing and office spaces are involved, a drone’s view offers a holistic understanding that traditional photography or video cannot match.


Why Capture Point Media is the Go-To for Stunning Construction Drone Photography

In the realm of construction media, Capture Point Media has etched its name as a trusted partner. We are known for crafting mesmerising images and videos that breathe life into architectural visions. With years of experience in the field, we’ve honed our craft to perfection. Consequently, we understand the nuances of construction and what it takes to capture its essence. At Capture Point Media, we don’t just fly drones around. Instead, we meticulously plan every shot to ensure we capture the intricate features, scale, and design of construction marvels.


construction drone video at Vaughan Villawood NSW construction drone video at Vaughan Villawood NSW

Our expertise in construction drone videos sets a new industry standard by adding depth and perspective to every project. We craft invaluable visual assets for architects, developers, and construction firms alike. Notably, our clients, like Vaughan Constructions, have used many of our construction drone videos for their promotional purposes.


This medium can effectively help to attract potential clients and investors by showcasing the grandeur of a project in a visually stunning and engaging manner. Moreover, it can be used to share with stakeholders who are keen to know the site’s progress. As you immerse yourself in this awe-inspiring construction drone clip, consider the potential benefits for your own projects. Are you ready to elevate your next project with construction drone videography? Let us help! Reach out to our team today with your requirements.


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