Construction Drone: Capturing Warehouse Construction in Motion

Capture Point Media unveiled some exciting progress through the lens of our construction drone recently. This construction drone clip gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Vaughan Constructions' collaboration with Time & Place and Brookfield Properties in Villawood, Western Sydney. This project, known as Connect –

Capturing Time: Time-Lapse Video Services

If you’re looking to document your project through timelapse photography, our services provide market leading content creation and cost-effective solutions. The element that we offer beyond our competitors is the triad of achieving Quality, Timing and Cost.   Construction timelapse photography is a great way to show

Urban Progress: Melbourne Development in Action

Capture Point Media is proud to document the progress of Kapitol Group's Tan Tat Melbourne development at 543-547 Elizabeth St Melbourne. Through our video, viewers can witness the city's cutting-edge development taking shape as Melbourne's next generation of high-rise living.   The first ground floor concrete pour

Concrete Construction: Building with Strength

Introduction: Concrete construction pours are vital in any project, ensuring structural integrity and durability. It's crucial to capture these moments to document the progress and highlight the craftsmanship involved. As such, we prioritise recording these significant events for all our clients, recognising their importance in

Building Construction Photography: Documenting Progress

The M3 Melbourne is NEXTDC's latest hyperscale technology campus. Situated in West Footscray, the site spans 100,000sqm and is being developed into a 150MW data centre and technology campus. Capture Point Media was commissioned to provide building construction photography for this project, incorporating the use