Construction Progress Photography: Tracking Development

In the world of construction, every scaffold erected and every brick laid tells a story of transformation. Construction progress photography is a dynamic art form that captures the evolution of projects from mere blueprints to awe-inspiring realities. Capture Point Media, a trailblazer in this realm, joins hands with Lendlease to chronicle the monumental redevelopment of the Frankston Hospital. Through our cutting-edge time-lapse cameras and drone videography, we unveil a tale of transformation that transcends bricks and mortar.


A year-long journey of architectural reinvention, the $1.1 billion Frankston Hospital redevelopment emerges as a resounding testament to progress. Presently, the project’s structural evolution has made significant advancements, notably the commencement of substantial concrete pours for the novel 12-storey clinical services tower. Commencing a year ago, the construction site has undergone significant change. It has witnessed through the installation of three towering cranes, the removal of 50,000 cubic meters of soil, the pouring of 410 cubic meters of concrete, and a staggering accumulation of nearly 170,000 labor hours. Anticipated for completion in late 2025, this venture stands poised to deliver a larger and improved hospital, underscoring an inspiring journey of innovation and accomplishment.


Why Is Construction Progress Photography Useful?

The answer lies in the power of time-lapse imagery. Here’s why construction companies should invest in this visual treasure trove.

1. Documenting of Milestones

In the dynamic realm of construction, every phase is a milestone. Time-lapse photography transforms these milestones into a coherent narrative, creating a visual chronicle of progress.

2. Stakeholder Engagement

Behind every construction project are stakeholders with vested interests. Professional construction progress photography offers them a front-row seat to the project’s journey, nurturing engagement and fostering a sense of involvement.

3. Showcasing Expertise

Construction companies invest not just in projects but also in expertise. Time-lapse photography showcases this expertise via the weaved dance of machinery and manpower that shapes the project.

4. Transparency and Accountability

In an age of transparency, time-lapse photography holds projects accountable. It captures the project’s journey, enabling clients and investors to track progress against milestones.

5. Marketing Ease

In a visual-first world, captivating imagery is a marketing superpower. Construction progress photography transforms typical site works into captivating narratives, making them appealing not just to industry insiders but to a wider audience.


Construction progress photography at Frankston Hospital Construction progress photography at Frankston Hospital

Merging Drone and Time-Lapse Photography To Create Epic Footage of the Frankston Hospital Build

Capture Point Media orchestrated a symphony of progress at the Frankston Hospital redevelopment. Through the lens of a drone, we invited viewers to view its progress from an entirely new vantage point. And by combining time-lapse footage with aerial drone videography, we unearthed perspectives previously hidden, capturing the sheer scale and complexity of the construction process.


Capture Point Media’s construction progress photography breathes life into projects, documenting their journey from conception to realisation. As we continue to capture each milestone at the Frankston Hospital redevelopment, we invite you to witness the art of transformation in motion. Construction progress photography isn’t just about bricks and mortar, it’s about the human potential to shape the world and the spirit of evolution.  Let Capture Point Media bring more excitement to your latest build. Get in touch with your requirements today!


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