Transformative Destruction: Demolition Time-Lapse Video

Our construction time lapse video services are the first choice for major developers and construction industry professionals. This unique service enables you to witness the construction process of your building. It helps you visualise your project’s progress and facilitates sharing it with others.


The resulting video shows exactly what the building looked like during various stages of construction or development. Additionally, Stockland are building new homes in Altona North, and we were there to document it. We’ve been collaborating with Stockland for some time now, and we’re excited to share the progress video of their latest housing development in Altona North.


The demolition of this 6-hectare site is now complete, and you can see the before-and-after video of the entire process. It’s an incredible thing to watch as this land is transformed into 270 new dwellings over the next year. You’ll be able to keep up with everything that’s going on via our time-lapse units, which will capture every day of construction throughout the next 12 months.


Our long-term construction time-lapse services include: A direct line of site to your project via a dedicated password protected website. We offer graphic animation services for your company logo, data card, and transfer fees, along with royalty-free music licenses. Our team also handles the installation and removal of our unique solar-powered time-lapse units.


You’ll receive an overview of the entire process from start to finish. Additionally, we provide up-to-date construction time-lapse videos for each phase of your project. Count on our team to ensure you receive the best possible product. With 24/7 monitoring by skilled professionals, you’ll have peace of mind knowing answers are always available when needed. We provide professional time-lapse photography, construction time-lapse, and site photography services for the construction, retail, and civil projects industries in Melbourne and Sydney. For a detailed estimate get in contact with our time-lapse team today.

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