Evolution of Bridge Construction – Construction Time-Lapse Videos

Construction time-lapse videos have become a staple medium in the building industry. They are renowned for their ability to encapsulate the entire narrative of major projects. They provide a comprehensive visual journey from start to finish, showcasing the intricate process of construction. Our latest time-lapse project documents the construction of the Broken River Bridge for the Greater Shepparton City Council. It’s truly captivating to witness the evolution of this pedestrian bridge, which forms a vital part of the shared path projects linking Broken River to the Botanic Gardens.


The primary objective of this endeavor was to cultivate a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly environment in Greater Shepparton, prioritising safety and well-being for local residents. This initiative aligns with broader community goals of promoting active lifestyles and sustainable transportation options. Moreover, the newly built bridge serves as a crucial link between Broken River’s sports fields and the Botanic Gardens, facilitating easy access for visitors to partake in the diverse array of events hosted there throughout the year.


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construction time-lapse videos