Construction Site Time-lapse: Dynamic Work in Progress

We’re thrilled to share our latest time-lapse progress video for Kapitol Group’s Next DC M2 build in Tullamarine with you. Being such a huge project, we utilised multiple time-lapse cameras ensuring we captured all aspects across the build. This also highlights the manpower involved when delivering such a large-scale project.


We took the time to capture many different angles at different times throughout the day. You can see how busy it is on site. Also how many people are working on this amazing development. We also have a few close-up shots of some of the building materials being used to construct the building. This time-lapse video will give you an insight into what goes into creating such an enormous development, from pre-construction activities through to completion.


When you need to document a long-term project for your clients, investors or stakeholders, high-definition videos are extremely powerful tool. We provide complete end-to-end solutions in the latest time-lapse video production. From initial engagement to final delivery for the construction, building and civil works industries.


Our long-term construction services includes direct line of site to your project via a dedicated password protected website. We also supply graphic animation of your company logo, data card and transfer fees, royalty free music licenses. Also included is installation and removal of our unique solar powered time-lapse units. Get in contact with our team today to discuss documenting your next construction project.

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