Building Futures: Live Construction Cameras

Witness the ongoing progress of your project with live construction cameras, providing real-time insights into the job. As you manage large-scale endeavours, these cameras become indispensable tools for maintaining oversight.


Keep tabs on your projects effortlessly through live view construction cameras, even if you’re not physically present. Day or night, you can observe all activities unfolding around the clock, ensuring nothing escapes your attention. Construction photography stands as a cornerstone of every successful enterprise. For the past year, we’ve closely monitored the development of the new Botanic Ridge Primary School using our live construction cameras. Today, we are thrilled to share the culmination of this journey with you.


Peet’s latest Acacia land development in Botanic Ridge Cranbourne has reached its completion milestone! Visit our website to witness the entire construction journey, captured from foundation to roof, through our time-lapse cameras. This school promises top-notch facilities for staff, students, and families, granting access to the best amenities the local community has to offer. Positioned near the forthcoming Acacia Town Centre, the established Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, and the local Cranbourne City Library, the school serves as a valuable addition to this thriving suburb.


At Capture Point Media, we believe that live construction cameras are the best way to showcase a long-term project. Time-lapse videos are powerful tools for clients, investors, designers or stakeholders. Time-lapse videos show the progress of a project over time in a way that words can’t.


Our team produces high-definition construction time-lapse videos for major projects. Additionally, we have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality work that is always on time and on budget. We work with clients from initial engagement through final delivery, providing end-to-end solutions in construction time-lapse video production. Get in contact with our team today to discuss documenting your next construction project.


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