Image depicting the interior architecture of a shopping centre captured through photography, showcasing modern design elements and spacious atriums.

Architectural Elegance: Interior Architecture Photography

Interior architecture photography is one of the most important parts of any architectural design. Good interior architecture photography can create excitement and interest in a space.   We recently had the pleasure of photographing GPT Groups' Highpoint mall redevelopment delivered by Maben. The level 2 and 3

Interior design photography capturing the refined aesthetics of a premium shopping space, featuring upscale finishes, contemporary design elements, and inviting ambiance.

Elegant Aesthetics: Interior Design Photography

Capture Point Media spent the day Westfield​, utilising interior design photography to capture stunning images of their high-end fashion mall. Westfield Doncaster, located just 17 kilometres from Melbourne CBD, is a premier shopping destination featuring top Australian brands like David Jones and Zara.   In early 2019,