Transforming Workspaces: Interior Office Fit Out

A reliable time-lapse construction camera is an indispensable tool for overseeing project progress with precision. It allows stakeholders to maintain constant vigilance over developments, ensuring smooth execution according to plan.


We were delighted when Barry Plant entrusted us to document their latest office fit-out. Their confidence in our expertise fuelled our enthusiasm, and we eagerly embarked on the project. Leveraging our internal time-lapse construction camera, we meticulously captured every stage of the office transformation. From an empty space to a bustling, fully-furnished workspace. The resulting video encapsulates the office’s evolution within just seven days, showcasing an impressive outcome that delights all involved.


Purpose-built construction cameras offer unparalleled insights by capturing every detail of the project at a rapid pace. This comprehensive monitoring ensures swift detection and resolution of any deviations from the original plan, guaranteeing the successful realisation of the envisioned outcome without the need for constant on-site presence.


Our team crafts high-definition construction time-lapse videos for major projects, establishing a reputation for delivering quality work punctually and within budget. We work with clients from initial engagement through final delivery, providing end-to-end solutions in construction time-lapse video production. Our videos are high quality, dynamic, and creative.


Our mission is to help you visually communicate your ideas in a compelling way that drives action. Whatever your visual requirements, we can help! Our team of photography and video production professionals possesses extensive training, capable of capturing any image you can envision. We take pride in crafting high-quality images that creatively tell your story, ensuring your brand stands out. We supply professional time-lapse photography, construction time-lapse and site photography servicing the construction, retail and civil projects industries in Melbourne and Sydney. For a detailed estimate get in contact with our time-lapse team today.

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