Shepparton Arts Museum from a new perspective

In conjunction with our time-lapse of the greater Shepparton City councils SAM site project we took a series of drone stills across the entire build of the site. This provided a diverse portfolio of images for Greater Shepparton City Council as well access to a different

Pattern Pavement Services Drone Photography

Our latest drone photography for a recent project with Pattern Pavement Services. Using drone technology on projects such as this really allows us to capture the scale of our subject matter within the landscape, all angles are accessible and allow for an interesting point of

Time-lapse update of Conundrum Holdings Wallun project

The last few months has proved to be productive at the Conundrum Holdings Wallun site as work continues at the new concrete plant development. We are the number one choice for time-lapse video companies, time-lapse photography, and time-lapse video production. Need time-lapse for any project from Melbourne